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About AzerPUG

First of all; Thank you for your interests in AzerPUG! We started AzerPUG September 8th, 2018, with the intention to help out people get into raiding, who otherwise might not have the ability in the same way others have. There are many people out there that are very skilled and have the will to raid but are not able to do so. Mainly, because they refuse to leave their friends and family behind in a server or guild.

AzerPUG is the solution to that, for we are not a guild! We are an in-game community that focuses on raiding and pugging, and mostly making things a bit (a lot?) more structured than actual PUGs. We started AzerPUG with the idea of having 14-15 people and see if we could grow a bit from there.

By now, we grown out to be the most active and highest progressed open World of Warcraft Raiding Community for Alliance-EU.

We have over provided Ahead of the Curve to over 2500 people throughout BFA, we have multiple Raid Leaders who together bring the Core team to the goals, as well as aiding in the Teaching Raids when we take in people with little to no experience.


We consider ourselves "woman and LGBT+ friendly". If you do not think yourself as the same, please fuck off!


We got an official AzerPUG stream which you can find on or you could check out our latest AzerPUG kill vid from our official YouTube channel below!

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