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Baldurs Map

The most powerful item available in the Sword Coast!

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Navigate Baldur's Gate III like a pro! Explore Companions, Items, Allies, Enemies and beyond with Baldurs Map on Overwolf!

Baldurs Map is a Work in Progress app for Baldur's Gate III that will help you plan and make decisions.

With Faerûn's most important locations for items or spells, where to find party and camp companionsbut also enemies, inspiration, secrets and gateways.

We are working on getting all the data together so we can make an entire character builder

(for all party members) in the near future, including limitation of items.


Did you just scan a QR Code and are unable to download the app right now? 🤔
Join our community Discord so you can easily find a link back on your computer once you are back home!

Join the AzerPUG / Baldurs Map Discord:

Download the Overwolf App: Starfield Companion now!

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