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ASA Companion

Interactive Map and Spawn Locations for Ark: Survival Ascended!


Explore Ark: Survival Ascended with ease using the Overwolf app! Find key PoIs with our Interactive Map and discover spawn locations of almost 500 dinos across several different maps.

ASA Companion is an in depth Interactive Map showing the key locations of Notes, Dossiers, Records and Tablets.
The spawn locations are showing you where specific dinos can be found, including a rarity indicator.

Already working on taming guides, breeding timers and crafting lists, ASA Companion got what you need! 

Download the Overwolf App: ASA Companion now!


Did you just scan a QR Code and are unable to download the app right now? 🤔
Join our community Discord so you can easily find a link back on your computer once you are back home!

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