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WoW Info

For the best group composition and easiest timers!


Help your Guild, Raid or M+ in World of Warcraft! Find the best group composition, the easiest timers or weekly caps with WoW Info on Overwolf!

WoW Info helps you create the optimal group for your run, be it in Raids or in Mythic+ Dungeons.

Includes Class Buffs, Raid Cooldowns, Timewarp-like effects, Dispells, Interrupts and much more.

The Data Tab show you timers how long you have for an Event, Reset (daily or weekly), Patch or Expansion. As well as Mythic Plus affixes and weekly caps.

Download WoW Info on Overwolf now:

Did you just scan my shirt/phone on GamesCom and are unable to download the app right now? 🤔
Join our community Discord so you can easily find a link back on your computer once you are back home!

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