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Overwolf Apps by AzerPUG

WoW Info

WoW Info can show you the effectiveness of your Dungeon or Raid groups, through a list of buffs/debuffs/cooldowns/interrupts your group currently have. It also is able to communicate with an in-game AddOn: WoW Info Companion, in order to get data otherwise not possible to get from the game, directly into the Overwolf App. This is used to track attendence of your raid team and analyse that data such as kills, wipes, wipe %, boss time VS down time, which bosses are your biggest issue, who are your best and worse players based on wipe and kill data.

Warframe Helper

Warframe Helper is designed to contain most (if not all) of the information you would otherwise get from repeatedly alt tabbing during your game-play.


  • Composition Builder

    • Shows current group composition.

    • Adds data about buffs and debuffs, as well as cooldowns.

    • Which important mechanics are you missing?

    • Also shows what the applicants bring if you invite them.

  • Attendance Tracker

    • Get data directly through an InGame AddOn.

    • Shows all raids tracked by the AddOn.

    • Shows raid date, time, kills, wipes, duration and more.

    • Shows how much downtime you have during the raid.

    • Data separated by Raid, Boss, Pull, and even players.

    • Able to show who of your players has the highest wipe %.

    • Able to show per player, what their better specs are.

    • What Healer/Tank/DPS composition causes wipes?


  • Mastery tracker

    • What did you already master?

    • What did you not master yet?

    • What is available at your level?

    • Which of those are vaulted or unobtainable?

  • Relic list

    • Shows all relics.

    • Show which components can drop from the relics.

    • Add chances (official source: DE) of drops.

  • Relic overlay

    • Shows Platinum prices directly from Warframe Market.

    • Shows Ducat values when components are sold.

  • Inventory manager

    • Tracks components that you have double.

    • Tracks which weapons/frames are almost completed.

    • Shows how much of total required resources you have.

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