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Community Rules

Harshly said, everyone will be held accountable for breaking the rules. Whether you know them or not, is completely your own responsibility. We, therefore, urge everyone strongly to make sure you know our rules. Most of which is just common sense and should not be too hard to follow.

The rules on this page are just our World of Warcraft rules. For the other rules, please click the buttons below.


World of Warcraft Rules

Click the rules to expand/collapse them.

+ Different Events with AzerPUG

AzerPUG has several events per week. These include all sort of content. Raiding, M+ and PvP. Some of these events, in particular Teaching Raids, changes based on the progression of the Core Team. We have several different phases for how our raid schedule works as you can see below.

Just a heads up: Most of our events are streamed on our official Twitch channel: Joining any of our events also means you automatically give permission that your voice/character can be on our stream!

Phase 1: Normal Progression. (Current)

Wednesday: Normal Farm Raid for the Core Team, as well as Normal Teaching Raid on bosses we are comfortable taking in other people.
Sunday: Normal Progression Raid for the Core Team only!

Tuesday: No Raid.

Phase 2: Heroic Progression.

Wednesday: Heroic Farm Raid for the Core Team, as well as Heroic Teaching Raid on bosses we are comfortable taking in other people.

Sunday: Heroic Progression Raid for the Core Team only!

Tuesday: Normal Teaching Raid.

Phase 3: Mythic Progression.

Wednesday: Mythic Progression Raid for the Core Team only!

Sunday: Heroic Teaching Raid.

Tuesday: Normal Teaching Raid.

Phase 4: Filling Time.

Wednesday: No Raid.

Sunday: Heroic Teaching Raid.

Tuesday: Normal Teaching Raid.

Phase 5: Raid Hiatus.

Wednesday: No Raid.

Sunday: No Raid.

Tuesday: No Raid.

+ Joining Raids

To be a part of our raids, you just need to sign up to them on our Discord. Discord Invitation Link

Make sure you read the #Teaching-Raid-Info channel, which will help you not just know the requirements for the very first raid, but also get you the ranks you need!

Please make sure that you are signing up for a Teaching Raid, we do have Core only raids, from which you will most likely be declined if you sign up. See the section above for when the raids are happening that you can join. As we do not constantly check who signs up, declining you for a raid, might be on the day itself or even as late as a few hours before raid.

If you are joining AzerPUG for the first time in a Teaching Raid, make sure you are in the Waiting Room channel on discord, at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the event! We always have a chat with people before we allow them to join us. If you are not there or you are late, you are not joining that night!

+ Sign-Ups

Sign-Ups happen on Discord, if you have the correct ranks, you are able to see the Sign-Up channels. These channel always have a difficulty and date in their name (EG. Normal-21-03). The bot posts a message at the very top, which has a Healer, Tank and DPS icon underneath it, clicking these icons will sign you up for the specific role. You can only sign up as one role, and only if you have the trainee rank for said role.

You can check the message if you are put in by your Discord Tag, the bot updates it, directly after you clicked one of the icons.

Fifteen (15) minutes before the raid, the bot will post another message, tagging everyone who is signed up, to get themselves into the raid through an in-game command, which will whisper Tex-Ravencrest with the raid-code. You can either copy paste this or type it over. An AddOn will then make sure you automatically get invited to the raid.

+ Minimum Requirements and Preparation.

For raiding, there are several requirements. iLevel, Legendaries, AddOns, Consumables, Enchants, Gems and so forth. These requirements differ slightly based on the difficulty. To make things easier for you, we have made a list that will also provide you with a link tot either WoWHead or CurseForge. The list also shows you the extra requirements for specific roles within the raids or what is mandatory/optional for which difficulty.
Raid Requirement List.

+ Loot and who gets what.

Loot is fairly distributed based on a roll system (Done by an addon to drastically speed things up). This addon is one of the requirements listed in the Raid Requirement List. Practically always, every one present is considered equal for loot. However, we often have people passing to each other as it is a bigger upgrade for some one else. If this is the case, the one who rolled the highest (and thus has the right on the item) gets to decide, with no consequences, if they want to keep it or pass it.

Although it almost never happened before and we hope to keep it this way, there are thinkable situations where we need to prioritize loot for specific people. We might be gearing an extra healer or tank we need. Some one could be helping us out fulfill a niche role on an alt. Maybe a specific item is just a huge upgrade for one of our Core Team members.
In any of these situations, we fully maintain the right to overrule the loot system. Raiding with us means you accept that!

Any item you get on personal loot, is and always will be considered YOUR property until you decide to trade it away.

+ Switching Chars and Raiding on Alts.

If you wish to kill a specific boss on another character, you can do so under certain circumstances. The request has been made on discord (#General), at least 24h before the raid, you tagged the @Raid Leader rank in the message and the boss(es) you want this on are all considered "on farm" by AzerPUG. To make sure we do not lose track of who will play what, these requirements MUST be met, along side of any standard requirements! It is then up to the Raid Leaders to decide if this will fit the group. Please keep in mind that "No" is a valid answer as well! Please note; Make sure you do not forget the @Raid Leader tag and then edit it in, the RLs will NOT get a popup that way, which will automatically void the request.

To join a raid on an alt, for whatever reason you want this, you are expected to meet our minimum requirements of raids, as any main does as well. It is, however, still up to the Raid Leader to choose if you can or not join! We expect your main to be right outside the entrance of the raid, 100% prepared and ready to step in if the Raid Leader requests this.​ You can be asked to switch to your other char at any time and for any reason, which should be done without question or debate!

Before we got Ahead of the Curve, we only allow people to join on alts during the Teaching Raids.

+ Chat Spam during Raids.

During Castle Nathria, we noticed more and more people using AddOn or Weak Auras to spam chat with abilities. Although this may seem like a good idea at first glance, it gotten so bad that people who have chat bubbles enabled, were no longer able to see anything. It has wiped us more often then should ever happen. The moment some one mentioned this for the first time, several Core Members instantly agreed that it was causing them to fuck up mechanics, because they simply could not see them coming. As such, we have a hard ban on anything that puts automated chat messages (in any chat) during raids. This includes messages posted automatically by DBM. Any AddOns or WeakAuras that do this should be disabled BEFORE you enter the raid.

You can disable the automatic DBM spam in the following ways:

You can copy paste this script in the in-game chat: "/script DBM_AllSavedOptions.Default.DontSendYells = true

Or you can follow these steps to do it manually:

  1. Type /dbm (Chat).

  2. Click on Options (top).

  3. Find the section Global Disables and Filters (left, 4th from Top).

  4. Click on DBM Features.

  5. Find the section Misc Global Disable & Filter Options (3rd from Top).

  6. Enable Do not send chat yells (This will also disable /say and /raid)

+ Banned Items.

Sometimes there are items that have a very high failure rate. Mainly items that give you stats when you purposely take damage. Although the correct use of these items, can be very beneficial, the proper use, is rarely better then a safe item. However, when these items are used incorrectly, or the damage is more then you should, you generally fuck over the healers. This is something that should never happen. Because it is so hard to track if you do that or not, and we do not want to hold people their hands with this, we flat out ban these items from all our events. Currently in Shadowlands, there is only one of these.
Shadow Orb of Torment -

+ Core Team

The core team's main goal is to simply to get Ahead of the Curve, in every content, as quickly as possible for within our rules. The core team is expected to be there for both Normal as well as Heroic raids regularly. The attendance requirement is 50% for Normal and 75% for Heroic. However, we also understand that sometimes things do not go according to plan. Instead of kicking some one from the Core team the moment they drop under the required percentages, we make some exceptions, which require something back for the entire team as compensation. Whenever you drop below these percentages, you owe the team a Cauldron, for every raid you miss more than you are allowed too. Communicate with Tex when you need to use that Cauldron! If we need to cancel a raid due to too many missing people, those people will be counted as 'absent' still, even though we do not raid.

We do not recruit for the Core Team. Instead, once we see some one in our Teaching Raids that could enhance our Core Team, based on attitude, skill, attendance, fitting within the core team (based on roles and balance between RDPS and MDPS), we might ask them if they are interested. We will take attendance into account, together with performance and attitude when we will be discussing someone either joining, or leaving the core team. If you try to persuade us about becoming a part of the Core Team, the answer will always be the same; We are not interested.

For the Core Team, there are several additional rules.
- Do not be saved for the difficulty we are raiding, until past the last raid day of the reset.
- Do not use a Vantus Rune outside of our raids, unless it is past the last raid day of the reset.

- The bot will automatically sign you up. If you can not make it, you can type the reason in the specific channel and use the command: "!azp unsign", to un-sign from that raid.

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