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Community Rules

As every guild or community, we aswell have a set of rules that we uphold. Everyone will be held accountable for breaking these rules. Whether you know them or not, is completely your own responsibility. We, therefore, urge everyone strongly to make sure you know our rules. Most of which is just common sense and should not be hard to follow.

The rules on this page are just our general community rules. For the other rules, please click the buttons below.

General Rules

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+ Respect others for whom they are!

We have a less-than-zero tolerance policy on discrimination, any negativity based on, but not limited to nationality, religion, sexuality, skin color or gender. No one should really care that much who the others are, as long as we have fun and punish some of our enemies, in whatever game we play.
Please keep in mind, although we do not accept any form of actual discrimination, we are a community that loves humor. Including discriminatory jokes. If you ca not handle jokes or you get uncomfortable with said jokes easily, we might not be the community for you.

+ Listen to those in charge.

We are trying to structurize PUGging in this community, and sometimes we just need people to shut up and do as they are told. Input is welcome, but there is an appropriate place, time and amount for everything. When someone who is "just" a member gets put in charge of a certain thing or job, respect the leadership that put them in charge and do as they say.

Under certain circumstances, exceptions might be made by the AzerPUG Staff. If this happens, they are supposed to be able to give the (to them) valid reason why they do so. In these circumstances, please, feel free to mention the rules, but listen to them if they say they are making an exception.

Each Staff member is tasked with a specific job. Please make sure you address the right one, based on the Staff Page.

+ Discord rules and naming.

Discord Invitation Link

In Discord, besides our own rules and of course, the standard Discord rules are upheld, as well as a few other things.


Spam / NSFW Channel is for things that you just don't want to have on your screen during work hours. However, pornographic images and videos are still NOT welcome at all. If we ever want to become a Discord partnered server, we need to exempt ourselves from this already.


Names have to start with a capital letter (Like names are supposed to!) and we strongly suggest you give yourself a nickname based on your character or battle tag, depending on which you use with us most. We seldom invite people to events, raids or games that have a name we are unable to recognize.


The #Private channel is exactly that, meant to be a private channel. If you see people in here, the rules are simple. Either do not join them or ask permission to join!


Please refrain from pinging ranks or people unless it is specifically meant for those people or ranks. They are allowed but incorrect or useless pings are irritating AF!

+ Publishing our Content.

It is prohibited to publish any form of content from AzerPUG, in any form or way, without written consent from Tex. Our content is published on our own channels and it is not allowed to compete with these official channels. For example, but not limited too; Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer, FaceBook, and/or Instagram.

If you like AzerPUG and want to publish our content in any way, consider doing it for our official channels. Contact Tex on discord directly in order to have a chat about this. Keep in mind, you would be doing this voluntarily, there is no money involved in doing this!

+ (Promoting) Competition to AzerPUG.

AzerPUG is slowly becoming a Branch, rather than just a community. Due to this, we can not allow our members actively competing with us or supporting/promoting anything that competes with us. This includes, but is not limited too, our raid, discord, merchandise, stream youtube and/or addons.

+ Standard Rules from other Platforms.

As a member of a community, you are automatically a representative of said community. This means we expect you to stick to rules on different platforms as well. Cheating, Hacking, Botting, any illegal activities or just not following rules from other platforms are all a valid reason to be removed and/or banned from all AzerPUG content/media/services. Neither do we tolerate you to support and/or promote other people who do not stick to these rules. Posting anything from them in any AzerPUG channels will not just get it removed, will get you in trouble.

Completely banned from any AzerPUG channels and prohibited to support/promote in any form or way:

Method and/or Echo (Guilty of, condoning, supporting and covering up rape and pedophilia).

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