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As a gaming community, we play a multitude of different games. We like to play things together as it brings a bit more of a social aspect into our gaming lives. Be it raiding in World of Warcraft, competitive in Overwatch or just going full nerd with Roleplaying in Dungeons & Dragons. We, of course, play a lot more games together, but these are currently our main three, with CoD;BO4 and HotS being a close 4th and 5th. The latter two are play irregularly so we can not provide much specific information about them.

World of Warcraft

We raid twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday, 19:00 - 22:00 CET/CEST. We tend to focus on Normal / Heroic as Ahead of the Curve is our goal. After we started fully focussing on Heroic, we tend to set up a Monday raid for Normal. You are welcome to join this on alts or lower geared/experienced characters. Any specific questions you may have, feel free to poke a leader or moderator!


We used to have a ranked team and stream OW every Tuesday. Due to multiple members of the team not being able to make it anymore, we cancelled the team. However, we might be interested in someone setting up a team, poke the Primary Community Leader for a conversation if you want to become an OW team leader.

Dungeons & Dragons

We are currently in the process of setting up a D&D group. As well as one-shots for those who want to join on a non-regular basis. Joining this is selective, but we do not say 'no' before we have had at least a conversation with you!

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