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Community Rules

Harshly said, everyone will be held accountable for breaking the rules. Whether you know them or not, is completely your own responsibility. We, therefore, urge everyone strongly to make sure you know our rules. Most of which is just common sense and should not be too hard to follow.

The rules on this page are just our Dungeon and Dragon rules. For the other rules, please click the buttons below.

Dungeons & Dragons Rules


Some basic information.

We have our own D&D world called Vexpyr. We run a Westmarch-style campaign in this world and have multiple people writing stories and lore. If you are interested in joining Vexpyr, or just trying out D&D to see if you like it, these links will tell you all that you need to know.

If you are very new to D&D or never played before, you might want to contact the @HelperDM rank on discord. Some one will then as soon as possible help you out with your very first character or just to answer some basic info. We are very friendly and helpful, we love the games we play, and as such we love getting other into them. Don't be afraid if you need some help!

Player Documents.

Vexpyr Rules Document

In here you will find all our rules. We expect every one to have read them and be decently familiar with them. Most of them are either standard rules, variant rules or common sense.

Vexpyr Character Creation

In here you will find how to create a Vexpyr specific character and the allowed sources. All the limits and how to keep track of things or if and how you have to roll for things.

Vexpyr Details Sheet

In here you will find a lot of data, like how many character slots you have or which sources you are allowed to use (as this can be different per player!) It will also show you how many of each class, race and background we have so if you want to play something somewhat unique, this is where to find all that nerdy data :D


Locked DM Documents

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