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Addons by AzerPUG


All our AddOns are 100% stand-alone. They can be used along side each other with no interference to one another. However, with how the Blizzard API and the AddOn system works, it is not always possible to do things as efficiently as one would want, without another 'loader' AddOn. AzerPUG's Core is this loader AddOn for all the AzerPUG AddOns and it will make the other AddOns more efficiently.

Please note, depending on which and how many of the AzerPUG AddOns you use, it might not be an increase, but a decrease in efficiency to use the core. We suggest people to start using the core for the efficiency (allthough some do it for the utility / functionality), as soon as you are using at least three (3) of our AddOns.

AddOn Downloads          Important!!

Some info on how to download our AddOns, and why you WANT to use OverWolf/CurseForge!
Over the last few months, our two lead developers have had the opportunity to work closely with both CuseForge and OverWolf employees and they absolutely do not deserve the heat they have been getting since OW took over CF. They are hardworking, trustworthy people that have been under fire for way to long. They have never actually sold User Data (Read what actually happened here!)

OverWolf/CurseForge are the only ones caring enough for the AddOn developers to actually compensate them for their hard work. Any other third party AddOn manager is keeping all their income for themselves. They make money over the back of the authors. In fact, they are doing so, highly illegal, by violating thousands upon thousands of copy rights. This is not just disrespectful, it makes anyone using their software, complicit and thus technically a criminal.

If you like our AddOns (and any of the other thousands of AddOns out there), we STRONGLY urge you to only use OverWolf/CurseForge. The more money goes to the authors the more time we can put into AddOn development! Only downloads through the CurseForge App, as well as the CurseForge website count for the metrics on the website and increase the compensation AddOn Developers get!

CurseForge App Download.

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